What Are The Advantages Of Built In Wardrobes And How To Use In London Lifestyle!

Built-In-WardrobesA huge chunk of the London population lives in urban areas, and as is often the case, space is an issue. This is to say that whether it is in a block of flats, apartments, or wherever you’re living, the space at your disposal is increasingly becoming more and more constricted. As such, it makes much sense to utilize all the available space that we can in our homes. In the bedroom, most people give the first priority to having a bed, and then everything else can follow. But while this is a prudent thing to do, the most advisable thing would be for you to be smart from the beginning; designing a built-in wardrobe is one of the smartest choices you can make;

  • A built-in wardrobe, also known as a fitted wardrobes, helps save much space in your bedroom. Unlike the traditional wooden wardrobes that would eat up so much space, a build in wardrobe doesn’t extend much outwards. See on fci London Facebook Page
  • The other major benefit of a built in wardrobe is that it can be highly customized. If you wish to add a bar for hanging clothes, add shelves and racks for shoes; all these can very well be incorporated.
  • One of the latest interior design trends is in having sliding doors for built in wardrobes. This is not just helping in further saving of space, but also gives the entire room a unique, luxurious kind of touch. A built-in wardrobe, complete with sliding doors that are matching with the wall colors of the room and duvet is such a romantic sight.


Here in London, fci London is the leading designer of built in wardrobes, regardless of your budget or size of the bedroom, we have a solution for you. Check photos of our built in wardrobes.

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